Training Fellowship

A cohort of like-minded learners

April 2024 - October 2024

Our 2024 cohort-based Visioning Fellowship will guide leaders to develop visions of radical success for their organizations. 

The fellowship begins with a retreat where racial justice advocates of all sorts come together to dream of radical success for their organization and their mission. We’ll explore prompts like: What will be possible when your work ultimately succeeds? Tell us about a day in the life of someone fifty years from now who lives in the world you are working toward. With support from tools and practices for imagining a better world, leaders will have space to dream and activities to clarify their thinking. 

After this intensive, the fellowship will unfold over an additional six months, where leaders check in on their learnings, strategies, and barriers as they take action to communicate and advocate for their vision of long-term impact. Fellows will have access to facilitated group conversations, one-on-one mentoring, and inspiring lectures from visionary leaders and radical imagination practitioners.