Hillary Carey

Hillary is the current Executive Director at EqualityFutures; she trained as a designer, researcher, and futurist. Hillary has over 15 years of experience in collaborative innovation and service strategy. A leadership coach and design strategist, Hillary has taught college students how to center justice in their design practices and executives how to bring visioning into their leadership approaches.

Hillary is pursuing her PhD from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, where she studies how design practices such as visualizing and giving form to new concepts can help support the missions of racial justice organizations and projects. 

How we work

Equality Futures advocates for developing long-term visions from on-the-ground activists through three core practices: 

These activities result in organizations that tell stories of the equitable and liberatory outcomes of their work, through vivid descriptions of better futures. Ultimately our goal is for our society to have access to a rich tapestry of descriptions of what racial equality will look like when we get there, and to make that positive change feel desirable and inevitable.